I Hate You

Kelly is frustrated, stuck in a cubicle, and lives with her ex.

Chi is inexperienced, unemployed, and still lives with his mom.

When they meet, it’s... well, it’s not quite love at first sight. But they give it a shot anyway. On the battlefield of love, which will prevail - Kelly’s pragmatism or Chi’s idealism? Can their relationship survive either one?

A Yume Films Production
Lawrence Kao
Lauren K. Montgomery
"I Hate You"
Also Starring
Patrick Joseph Rieger
Sharon Omi
Tyne Gaudielle
Original Score by
Evan Michael Brown
Edited by
Brad Kageno
Director of Photography
Bill Otto
Produced by
Michelle Opitz
Pyung Kim
Brad Kageno
Screenplay by
Pyung Kim & Brad Kageno
Directed by
Brad Kageno