I Hate You

Patrick Joseph Rieger


Patrick Joseph Rieger was born in the land of snow and purple rain, Minneapolis, Minnesota. His grandmother still lives there. On this 1st birthday, he ate 4 hot dogs and went head-first into his birthday cake. When he was 9 years old, his mother claims that he had a sighting of St. Francis while visiting Assisi. Patrick has been living as a theatre and film actor/musician in Los Angeles for 9 years. His band, Whiskey Sunday, is the hardest-working folk band in Southern California. He recently bowled a 201 at The Rim Lanes in Crestline, CA.

A Yume Films Production
Lawrence Kao
Lauren K. Montgomery
"I Hate You"
Also Starring
Patrick Joseph Rieger
Sharon Omi
Tyne Gaudielle
Original Score by
Evan Michael Brown
Edited by
Brad Kageno
Director of Photography
Bill Otto
Produced by
Michelle Opitz
Pyung Kim
Brad Kageno
Screenplay by
Pyung Kim & Brad Kageno
Directed by
Brad Kageno