I Hate You

Lawrence Kao


Lawrence Kao is an actor, or that's what he tells people. Son of an accountant and a mailman, he was born in Hacienda Heights, California, groomed to become a pediatrician. However, forced to play musical instruments as a kid by his mother, Lawrence grew fond of the arts. While receiving his Bachelor's in Theatre at UC Irvine, he found another outlet of self-expression through dance, which led to his participation on MTV's AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW. After graduating, Lawrence continued to flex his theatre muscles at award-winning companies such as East West Players and South Coast Repertory.

If you find him on TV shows, it won't be long before he gets murdered or dies brutally. Usually, he's running away from trouble, or he's the guy that the good guys think is trouble, but he's not actually the bad guy, though he sort of acts like the bad guy. Surprisingly enough, he plays Chi in I HATE YOU, who is definitely not a bad guy. Creep on his IMDb to see what he's done. He is now currently a member of The Kinjaz.

A Yume Films Production
Lawrence Kao
Lauren K. Montgomery
"I Hate You"
Also Starring
Patrick Joseph Rieger
Sharon Omi
Tyne Gaudielle
Original Score by
Evan Michael Brown
Edited by
Brad Kageno
Director of Photography
Bill Otto
Produced by
Michelle Opitz
Pyung Kim
Brad Kageno
Screenplay by
Pyung Kim & Brad Kageno
Directed by
Brad Kageno