Lauren K. Montgomery

(as "Kelly")

Lauren K. Montgomery is so excited to be working on I Hate You. Previous projects include Anne Jennings for which her performance in the title role was recognized by the LA Movie Awards as the 2010 best actress for an international film. In addition, she has had lead and supporting roles in award winning productions such as Beyond the Rails and Stem. She is thrilled to be working with Brad, Pyung and Michelle on such a fantastic story. Let’s get this made!

P.S. She hates bios.

P.P.S. She hates bios.

P.P.P.S. She hates bios.

Lawrence Kao

(as "Chi")

Born and raised in Zambia, Africa, Lawrence Kao began his road to artistic inclination with an interest in African cultural dancing, dancing used to ward off danger and to ask for prosperity. Within a year, enthusiasts from multiple dance conservatories began to take notice of his prodigious capacity to express feelings and emotions in a celebratory manner. And finally, at the age of 5, Lawrence, or Lorenzo, as they began to call him, started performing philanthropic one-man productions in third world countries, in order to express his concern for political rights and civil liberties.

Just kidding.

But his desire for make believe did develop into a love affair for acting and entertaining. While studying theatre at UCI, he began dancing with Kaba Modern, which led to his participation on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. He was recently the principal lead in an East West Players production of Krunk Fu Battle Battle. You can also catch him on an episode of TNT's Franklin & Bash, a Sony commercial, or some bootleg films he sells in the back of his trunk (five bucks a piece).

He is now roaming the mean streets of Hollywood, accompanied by his manager Chris Roe to fend off Lawrence Kao unbelievers. And now you can see him in I Hate You as Chi, his alter ego, obsessed over Atari and John Cena. Support this film!