I Hate You

Brad Kageno

Director / Writer / Producer / Editor

Brad was born and raised in Hawaii, and studied filmmaking at Chapman University under the guidance of directors John Badham (SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER) and William Friedkin (THE EXORCIST). Brad's BFA got him no jobs.

Out of college, he took film assistant gigs and random day jobs to pay the bills, but quickly realized that the only way he was going to make a movie in Hollywood was to do it himself. In 2012, he successfully raised funds for his first feature, I HATE YOU. The film will premiere in 2018.

Brad has also developed several screenplays that further explore the Asian-American experience, including the World War II internment and the heroics of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. He is currently working on his second feature, MANA, a dance-comedy featuring Lawrence Kao and Julie Zhan.

On the rare occasion Brad isn't doing film-work, you can probably find him at home watching THE GOLDEN GIRLS.

A Yume Films Production
Lawrence Kao
Lauren K. Montgomery
"I Hate You"
Also Starring
Patrick Joseph Rieger
Sharon Omi
Tyne Gaudielle
Original Score by
Evan Michael Brown
Edited by
Brad Kageno
Director of Photography
Bill Otto
Produced by
Michelle Opitz
Pyung Kim
Brad Kageno
Screenplay by
Pyung Kim & Brad Kageno
Directed by
Brad Kageno